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It has been said on many occasions that educating young women is the way to change a culture. We at Prince of Peace believe that along with providing a safe spiritual environment that allows for emotional healing, a quality education will provide the girls with lasting tools for long term growth.

It is an exciting time at Prince of Peace in regards to education. With the generosity of a couple individuals and a Florida-based Foundation, we were able to start a Home School in 2016. With the leadership of our education director and the dedication of our teachers, our girls now have a safe, on-campus school environment that utilizes a mix of traditional book and internet curriculum that allows the staff to customize learning programs for each girl. This is especially important since many of the girls arrive at the home with little or no education and need to have accelerated programs to get them to age appropriate grade levels.

The subjects we cover include math, history, Spanish, English, science, and Bible, and we add to the classroom work with field trips to places such as the zoo, museums, parks, and cultural and historical sites

In additional to our regular classes, we are now working in science and robotics. In addition to the technical skills the girls practice with this project, they develop life skills in areas such as responsibility, team work, taking care of the property and following complex instructions.

Besides class work, the local environment allows for other life lessons. The girls are learning how to solve conflicts, by assuming responsibility for their actions and looking for solutions to solve them. An example might be someone doesn’t want to share in class or someone took someone else’s belongings. They have to learn to deal with these problems but with our caregivers and our teachers, they can do this in a safe and caring environment.

Reading and writing skills have improved and we can see that directly in their papers. Now, they ask if they don’t know how to write a word correctly. Their papers are cleaner and their ideas more orderly.

They are willing to accept challenges, considering that each semester we raise expectations. In English, a very important skill set for future employment, they have assignments that require them to talk to local missionaries.

As we are building strong relationships, the girls now look for feedback from the teachers not just for approval but also to learn.

With the seniors, we have been working hard to prepare them for their adult life, and we are starting to see some changes like being aware of their reality/skills, having real expectations and assuming more responsibility for their decisions.

We see each opportunity as a learning one. We support them and challenge them to do better and greater things. We have the opportunity to talk about God and teach them to be grateful of His mercy. Each day we understand more of the role we play in the girl’s lives and we consider it a privilege to serve.

In summary, we are blessed to have a great school environment with dedicated and skilled teachers that are passionate about helping our girls learn about God, class subjects, personal interactions and life lessons like forgiveness that will help them grow into productive Godly adult women.

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