Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I pay each month? The suggested amount of a child sponsorship is $35.00 per month. Sponsor’s can donate more or less and change their monthly donation amount at any time. The amount may be sent monthly, quarterly or annually. Please indicate on the reply envelope, on the check or a separate note the name(s) of the girl(s) you are sponsoring. All contributions are tax deductible. The thank you letters you receive will serve as your tax-deductible receipt.
Where should I send my financial support? We would like for contributions to be made online, but you can also send check(s) to our US-based finance office. All of your contributions are deposited into a Prince of Peace account and reported to the leaders of the Home in Guatemala.

The support address is:

Prince of Peace Home for Girls; P.O. Box 1344; Mt. Sterling, KY 40353

If you have any questions with your electronic or recurring contributions, please email our Stateside Coordinator at

How long is the commitment? We ask that you commit to at least one year, if possible. This allows the girl(s) as well as you, the sponsor, to get to know each other. We encourage you to continue sponsoring the child as long as she remains at the Home.
What happens if my child leaves during my commitment of sponsorship? We notify sponsors via email if your child is no longer at the Home. We will then ask you if you would like to choose or be assigned another girl to sponsor. We will then send you an updated packet of information about your new child.
Does my sponsoring a girl really make an impact? YES! The girl(s) that you sponsor will receive opportunities that many other Guatemalan children may never know. The following is a list of services and opportunities:

A Place to call Home
In most cases, the girls that arrive at Prince of Peace come from extremely challenging home environments. Daily the girls have faced abuse, neglect and a life of fear. However, at Prince of Peace, they have the opportunity for a safe and nurturing home staffed by people who truly care about them. Our housemothers or Tias (“Aunt” in Spanish) are interviewed, screened by a senior staffer and trained. The girls are also given a well balanced diet that will provide them the vitamins and minerals needed to grow.
Health Care and Dental
Most often when a child or a teenager arrives at the home, she has seldom, if ever, seen a doctor or a dentist. All our girls have medical, dental and eye check-ups. In addition, the girls are taught personal hygiene, personal development and good health care practices.
Educational Opportunities
All of our girls attend schools that will give them the best opportunities to learn, grow and become prepared for their next steps. Your generosity ensure the girls at Prince of Peace get the best education and vocational training possible!
Spiritual Guidance and Growth
The girls spiritual guidance and growth is our highest priority. Each of the staff of Prince of Peace set a Godly example of what it means to follow Christ. Each day the girls spend time alone with the Lord as well as corporately in a group. The Tias and administrative staff also exhort and correct the girls in love according to the guidelines in the Scriptures. The girls also have the opportunity to be involved in a local church, where they truly experience what it means to be a part of the body of Christ.

Am I the only sponsor for the girl that I choose? No, because the actual cost for all that is listed above comes to about $600 – 650.00 per month per girl.
What happens if I discontinue my sponsorship? We understand that your financial situation can fluctuate. Therefore, if you need to discontinue your sponsorship, we will find a new sponsor as soon as possible for this child. Contact our sponsorship coordinator to make sure your recurring donations are discontinued at
Can I write the girl(s) I sponsor? Yes absolutely, we welcome your communication with the girls. Our girls love to receive notes and emails from you! Our Stateside and Guatemalan Coordinators are bilingual and will translate them for you!

Email you Notes of Encouragement to

Regular Letters/Mail can be sent to:
Prince of Peace Home for Girls PO Box 1344 Mt. Sterling, KY 40353

Will my girl write to me? YES! Typically they will always respond to your emails and they will send you notes and photos when they can!
Can I send gifts for special occasions? Yes and No. Because of the unreliable postal system we discourage actual gifts unless you are coming to visit in person. Even then we try to be careful that all of the girls receive the same level of gifts and encouragements and we encourage you to contribute funds for a special occasions such as Quincenera’s Christmas or Birthday’s! Thanks to your gift we celebrate all the girls the same with a huge party and they have a ball! You can donate online or send your gift to the Kentucky address and note which occasion it is for.
Can I make payments online or have it deducted from my bank account? Yes. It is as easy as clicking a button. Simply click the GIVE NOW button and choose the electronic method you wish to give; credit card or you can enter information on your checking or savings and have the money automatically deducted from your account. YES, it is very safe! This process is secure and convenient for your giving. If you would like to have funds drawn directly from your bank account, please contact
Can I visit the girl that I sponsor? Yes! You are more than welcome to come and spend some quality time with the girl(s) that you sponsor. We ask that you please check with our Stateside Coordinator Miranda Massey at to determine which weeks are available for visiting the home.
How do I book a team to visit Prince of Peace?? Contact our Stateside Coordinator Miranda Massey at:

Our Stateside Coordinators will be in touch with you and help you create a great experience at Prince of Peace Home for Girls!

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