With so many of our girls coming from very different backgrounds like neglect, abuse and others, this is your chance to get to know the girls, the ministry you are supporting and tangibly demonstrate God’s love.

Meals & Accommodations: $320/week (7 days 6 nights)
Team Size: 12 – 24 people
Trip Length: 1 week (7 days/6 nights)
Age Allowance: 8 + years old*

*Young children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian

Looking for the experience of a lifetime? Come meet the girls, have dinner, do some work around the home, outreach to the local community, bring in the local culture, and develop a relationship that will last a lifetime. Your visit to Prince of Peace will not only be a blessing to each girl you come in contact with, it will change your life in an unbelievable way!

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