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February – Sixes Road UMC Woodstock GA – new team!

Team leaders Charles and Lori Chase. Charles has been a good friend for over 20 years. He and his wife Lori are special people to Carroll and I and are very experienced mission team leaders. Some of their projects include; an amazing hexagonal (5) swing bonfire pit, girl & staff eyeglass ministry, staff BP testing (which uncovered a problem I am having), awesome VBS and outside project including a stove install in Peronia.

March – Coats Baptist Church – Coats NC – new team!

Team Leader – Diane Allen. This group sent project money that got the office addition off the ground. This team was filled with construction talent and we had planned to have them do a lot of the work on the office. However, the local contractor (from our church) didn’t waste any time. It didn’t work out the team was able to do much of the construction but must have dumped 1000 wheelbarrow loads of fill dirt! Initially, they planned on assisting with the Vocational Building we are planning, but the dream grew beyond what we were thinking so much more planning is needed. They made good use of their time with many activities with the girls, painting, building another swing frame we are blessed to have scattered around the property. In addition, they did outside ministry.

March Team – Mosaic Church – Winter Garden FL

Team Leader – Kerri Ann Hayes. Kerri Ann brought a passionate group. This was their second trip. Their focus was a little different than a typical team trip. Last year their focus was almost solely on ministering to the staff and girls. This year they focused more with the girls. But they did many programs for the staff such as led a Team Building seminar. They still found time to interact with the girls and paint. Last year’s team Leaders Carolyn and David Hill once again came. You may remember David has a ministry: Iron Men of God. Check out their awesome ministry at

March Team- Crist

Sharlene Crist – Team Leader. George and a small team proved you don’t have to be large in numbers to achieve a substantial amount. They finished up painting some of the girls rooms, installed new CCTV cameras, installed a stove at Pastor Donavon’s ministry in Peronia and many other items. The Crist’s have been active in PoP for a long time.

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