Imelda update: April 17

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After collaborating with St. Jude’s Hospital in the United States, the doctors have informed us that Imelda’s diagnosis is Ewing sarcoma, a relatively rare type of cancer that typically originates in or around bone. This is what the initial pathology reports suspected but did not confirm, so thankfully she has been on the correct treatment regiment for almost 2 months now – ever since she was transferred to UNOP (the pediatric oncology hospital). Due to the applicable treatment being available in Guatemala, UNOP (a partner of St. Jude’s) is not planning to transfer her to the United States at this time.

Imelda’s intensive radiation and chemotherapy treatments are taking a toll on her small body. A nasogastric (NG) feeding tube was placed since she has continued to lose weight and and her nausea has persisted. The NG tube is meant to supplement but not completely replace meals; it has become an even greater struggle this past week to keep her eating.

However, through the darkness and struggle, there is light and hope through our risen Savior. We are still praying for a miracle, whether that be in the form of modern medicine or an act beyond human comprehension. So much love is being poured out on Imelda through her sisters Ruth and Fernanda, PoP staff, individuals in Guatemala from several churches, and from afar all of you in the U.S. who continue to pray for her. We sincerely thank you.

Specific prayer requests:

That the tumor responds well to treatment & significantly shrinks

That she is less nauseous and will eat enough to keep up her strength

Protection from infection (her immune cell levels were a little low last week).

Strength for her caretakers Miss Marta and Mildred – that God grants them all the patience, love, joy, endurance, wisdom, and creativity in the world to best care for Imelda. Please also pray for Vilma and her husband Rafael, as she coordinates Imelda’s care in addition to all of her responsibilities as the Home’s social worker and as a mom to 3 young boys.

I hope that you and your loved ones had a blessed Easter reflecting on the Greatest Gift ever received. Thank you again for your concern for Imelda, and your involvement with Prince of Peace!

– Victoria Snyder

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